Happy Fourth of July! (Tripawd Day 4)

***UPDATE 7/5: Fireworks didn’t stop til 2am ish. Sheba and Buster both tried to get under my twin bed. Sheba ended up ON my bed and stayed there for hours. We’re still trying to sleep it off. ***

Happy 4th of July to the Tripawds Community!  And a very special thank you to the men, women, and pups in the Armed Forces who set their own lives aside so we can live ours!

Its surprisingly quiet right now, but I doubt it will last.  I love my local first responders, I really do, and I know the job SUCKS sometimes (which is why I don’t do it anymore)!  But if you, as a department, say you’re going to enforce the fireworks ban, at least ACT like you’re freaking trying!  Patrol, be more visible, SOMETHING!

Sheba and I spent most of the day sleeping.  Her fentanyl patch is wearing off so I started supplement with Tramadol (as directed by my vet, of course!).  We’re not yet back up to full pre-op dose, but I expect we will be tomorrow.  New patch goes on Wednesday if we still feel we need it.  We have a visit with the surgeon anyway.  There’s a reddened area on Sheba’s underbelly on the side facing the good leg.  It looks like either REALLY bad razor burn (they shaved over a spot that have been shaved for ultrasound a few days before) or some blood pooling from surgery.  Since she has VERY sensitive skin I’m apt to believe its just razor burn and since there’s no sign of infection the tech said we could wait til Wednesday.

Excitement of the day: we’re eating normal again!  Sheba is now eating normal amounts of food and she’s not spitting her kibbles out any more!  She seems to have gotten the hang peeing, though we do have to support her a bit using the harness so she can keep her balance.  Poop by the end of the week, maybe?

what is this sleep thing and why hooman need so much?!
what is this sleep thing and why hooman need so much?! (Grandma catches Cynthia and Sheba sleeping but isn’t sneaky enough to snap a pic without Sheba waking up!)
I came back from putting my dishes away and Sheba looked at me like we'd had an earthquake! Who knows, its CA, maybe we did
I came back from putting my dishes away and Sheba looked at me like we’d had an earthquake! Who knows, its CA, maybe we did

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5/23/16 Sheba went in for TPLO of the right leg (left had been done year prior). Initial tests were inconclusive suggesting fungal or cancer. 6/22/16 fine needle aspirate in conjunction with review from specialist resulted in diagnosis of osteomyelitis of fungal origin. Organism could not be ID'd. Amputation 6/30/16, bone sent to pathology for identification and susceptibility. Final diagnosis: systemic Aspergilosis Current treatment: Itraconazole and terbinafine

5 thoughts on “Happy Fourth of July! (Tripawd Day 4)”

    1. Thanks Paula! We think Nitro is pretty handsome too! Sheba loses weight so quickly and is slow to gain that I always worry when she’s not eating. However, both of those traits should help us keep her at a good weight for a tripawd so I guess there’s a silver lining.

  1. Awww…sweet, sweet pictures. Two beautiful Souls!

    YAAAAAAAAAY FOR EATING!!! Having food in her tummy may help her decide to poop! Yoy might also try a couple of spoons of natural pumpkin (not the pie filling). The meds can be constipating. Let us know when she poops. We celebrate anything around here!

    Hopefully the full dose of Tramadol will keep her pain at bay. Major surgery hurts and dogs are so stoic.

    Keep the good uldates AND photos coming!


    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  2. We give her the canned pumpkin. Sometimes at work the food bank leaves behind extras for us to distribute to needy patrons. Often there’s loads squash so I’ll take a couple home to bake for the dogs. Jerry gave me some other ideas like olive oil or bran flakes. Definitely worth a try!

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