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The Ongoing Adventures of Sheba

the adventures of a tripod GSD

The Ongoing Adventures of Sheba

Long over due update!

November 8th, 2018 · 4 Comments · Life after Sheba

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It’s been over 2 years since my last post and so much has happened as Sheba watches over us!

We never did figure out what was causing Buster’s gastrointestinal upset.  At the same time it was discovered he has several degenerative issues in the spine, so our TCM Vet had us switch him to a turkey-based raw diet and he’s had few to little GI problems since.  Trust me, we’re cool with no poopies!  PT, accupuncture and Adequan injections are doing the trick for Buster, and he is now the proud owner of Sheba’s Webmaster Harness.

In March 2017, Princess Scout joined the pack.  She’ll be turning two next week and is the complete opposite of Sheba in looks and temperament, just what we needed!  She also helped bring the boys out of their depression.

Today, our beagle mix Nikko is at the vet having a mass removed.  Just talked to the doc and she said it looks fatty, but was really entwined in the muscle and tendon at either end so we’re waiting on pathology.  Keep your fingers crossed for us!  We can totally handle another Tripawd, but with preexisting spinal issues it’ll put a lot of stress on his body.

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  • jerry

    Cynthia, it’s good to hear from you again but dang I wish that you weren’t here because of Nikko’s health situation. Hope things went well yesterday.

    So happy to hear Scout came along to cheer up the boys. Angel Sheba knew exactly what you all needed, how wonderful!

    Can’t wait for more pics. Give the pups a big ol smooch from us (especially Buster…I have to admit I am SO in love with him! Glad to hear he’s all good, your vet rocks!)

    • sheba2011

      Surgery went well, Nikko had his bandage removed today. Won’t hear about pathology til next week.

      I’m going to have to figure out how to post from my phone so I can get you guys updated pics!

  • benny55

    Yes indeedy, it is good to hear from you!

    Your loving care for Sheba touched our hearts. It was such a privilege to get to know the beautiful Sheba.❤ Sheba will always be remembered here. And your post today gave me the chance to go revisit some of her beautiful photos. I had missed the post about when Sheba decided she wanted to lay in the sweltering heat on the hot concrete and in the Sun!!! She had me chuckling at her determination to catch some rays!

    Glad things have sorted out with Buster. Aorry about his disc issues, but happy to hear your therapies are having a pawsiti impact😎

    Alrighty Nikko, we don’t want any more health scares for you and your hoomans, okay?? Paws crossed for a good outcome.

    And welcome Princess Scout! You could not have found a better home for loving and happiness!!

    PICTURES!!! We have to have pictures!!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

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